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Sparkle in Your Eye

It had been an off week for me. I was experiencing contrast in my life that left me anxious and feeling heavy and not like myself. I struggled between wanting to let go of the thoughts holding me in this place and getting frustrated with myself for not being able to up-spiral my mind to a better feeling place. The more I tried it seemed the more resistance there was. 

Despite the general malaise I felt, I remained persistent in my plans to attend an anniversary party for a local apothecary shop I adored. I put on my clothes, added some sassy earrings, swept on some lip tint, and tried to look a bit more alive than I was feeling.

I arrived at the gathering alone, which put me a bit on edge. Already feeling off, a sense of vulnerability settled in. I grabbed a drink from the bar, chatted with others in line, and wove my way through the crowd to inside the store hoping just being a part of the crowd would uplift my spirits. There I was looking at face oils when a woman turned to me and complimented my skin asking what products I used. After a minute or so of discussion a man walked over who she immediately introduced me to. We shook hands as we exchanged names, and he exclaimed," Well Katie, you sure have a sparkle in your eye."

With those words I smiled, larger than I had in a few days. Despite how I had felt, despite my belief that I was not myself, despite the heaviness on my heart, this man had seen through it all.

What a powerful realization that even in the briefest of meetings we can not only be seen, but be reminded of the light we carry within.


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