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Blood Moon Recollections

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

It's been a week since the lunar eclipse and I am just now coming down from the energies that followed. I sat by the window last Sunday in complete awe as the shadow crossed the moon and she turned bright red. I came across the below this week- written back in the summer during another blood moon - and felt nudged to share now, as the experience described doesn't feel too far off from these past few days.


Photo by Fabian Oelkers on Unsplash

I couldn't see the lunar eclipse, the longest of this century, here in North America. But I can assure you I felt it. From the start of the week I seemed askew, slightly off-kilter. My emotions scurried across the spectrum, from happy and content to overwhelmed and fearful in an instant. The bells of change have been tolling in my ear for months. Of course, one might look at my life over the past few years and not be surprised. But lately their tone had changed-bigger and brighter things were on the horizon. This wasn't simply a change at work, this was something to the tune of a whole new life altogether. New people, new places, new horizons. While change had become to feel exhausting, this new wave felt exhilarating. Possibilities seemed endless, and success unstoppable. And so I attempted to hold on to this new found light of potential. Yet this energy pulled me to and fro, contrast rearing its head to break down my excitement. I fought and I cried and I yelled. I sang and I danced. I lived in the moment, honoring each feeling and thought that came forth with the earnestness that it deserved. I shared my truth authentically with strength and kindness. Despite mercury going retrograde, I feel like I have been seen and heard and appreciated. The glorious moon rose yesterday evening and she took my breath away, just as she had so many times in the minutes, hours, and days before this week. As the release started, the un-lodging of truths and fears and feelings came forth. All wanting to be seen and tended to in order to transmute and move forward into the light and beauty that lives both now and in the future.


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